scooters and portable WiFi

scooters at the villa for your convenience

The Anuva can take care for your motorbike rental. Safer and more trustable than renting outside. We have an old Honda bike for the vintage lovers amongst us. The Honda gear is dated from 1980, for the most unique Bali experience . If you are not scared to drive it, the Honda is there at your convenience to go around the island or to grab some food at the warung.

If you prefer a nice diner in the evening at KuDeTa, Merah Putih or any other diner experience, our driver Alex is at your service at any time.

We will provide you free portable wifi. Take it anywhere you go in Bali and use it as much as you want. Anytime you need us, please Whats App message or call. Our team is dedicated to helping you and to make this your dream vacation.

Bali Villa Canggu 3 Bedrooms (6)
Bali Villa Canggu 3 Bedrooms (6)